What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers?

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Serve the stuffed green peppers with a refreshing side salad, such as a Greek salad or a simple mixed green salad, to balance the richness of the feta cheese. Pair the stuffed peppers with roasted potatoes or couscous for a hearty and complete meal.

What to Serve with Stuffed Peppers (15 Best Side Dishes)

I just adore stuffed bell peppers, especially these Lebanese stuffed bell peppers!!!They're such a fresh, fun, and nutritious dish. My favorite filling has got to be ground sausage and rice, zucchini, and cheese, but vegan lentil stuffed peppers are a close second.

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View Recipe. Fried Cauliflower (Egyptian Style). maryam. Yes, stuffed bell peppers can be dense, but that wouldn't stop us from serving these Orzo and Chicken Stuffed Peppers with battered, fried, cumin-spiced cauliflower to bring out their stuffing's slight hint of cumin. 05 of 11.

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19. Greek Chicken Kabobs With Tzatziki Sauce. Greek Chicken Kabobs loaded with delicious summer squash, zucchini, red onions, hearty Mezzetta Peppers, dipped in a creamy cucumber dill Tzatziki Sauce! 20. Moroccan Chickpea Carrot Salad. You guys are going to LOVE this one! This is not your typical salad.

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Broccolini, with its long thin stems and small florets, is a cross between broccoli and gai lan or Chinese broccoli. This simple crisp-tender sautéed broccolini has zip from lemon and garlic and just a hint of heat from crushed red pepper. Serve alongside anything from roasted chicken to fish or steak. View Recipe.

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A Warm Rocket (Arugula) Salad with A Creamy Roasted Sunflower Dressing. Photo Credit: braisedanddeglazed.com. One of my favorite sides to eat with stuffed peppers is this salad. Warm cherry tomatoes are cooked gently in olive oil and garlic and served with a peppery rocket salad.

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How To Cook Spaghetti Squash in the Oven. Oven-Roasted Asparagus. Italian Green Bean Salad. Harvest Quinoa Salad with Pumpkin Yogurt Dressing. Beer Bread. Easy Side Salad Recipe. Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Carrots. Garlic Kale Salad with Lemon. Air Fryer Green Beans.

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Crispy Green Beans. Crispy green beans are a delicious and crunchy side dish that pairs well with stuffed peppers. These oven-baked or fried green beans, seasoned with herbs and spices, add a delightful textural contrast to the tender peppers, creating a well-balanced meal. 3. Mashed Potatoes.

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17. Arugula Salad. This next recipe makes an easy side dish that goes perfectly with stuffed pepper. It's a refreshing arugula salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes, carrot ribbons, and shavings of parmesan cheese. It's crisp and peppery, with a tangy lemon balsamic dressing that makes a perfect balance of flavors.

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10. Jiffy Jalapeno Cornbread. Cornbread is a classic southern side dish and this variation kicks the spice up a notch with the addition of jalapeños. Stuffed peppers traditionally use the spice-free bell pepper, so the jalapeño in the bread matches the flavor while adding a zing.

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Stir in chili powder, cumin, paprika and cayenne and cook for an additional 30 seconds. Add in beans and tomatoes and let simmer for 5 minutes. Stir in cooked quinoa and season with salt and pepper, to taste. Fill peppers with quinoa mixture and sprinkle with cheese. Bake 15 minutes.

What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers?

The rainbow of colors from the sliced vegetables will pair so perfectly with your stuffed peppers. While care must be taken to slice your tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant uniformly and arrange them in the cookware, this yummy dish can still be made from start to finish in under an hour. 15. Fresh Tomato Salad.

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This Mediterranean-inspired couscous, with its nutty pine nuts and umami Parmesan, adds a twist to the classic stuffed peppers meal. 33. Parsley Potatoes. These creamy, cheesy potatoes make the perfect side for a wide range of main courses, but they truly shine when you eat with stuffed peppers for dinner.

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Here's the short answer. The best dishes to serve with stuffed peppers are mashed potatoes, cornbread muffins, roasted broccolini, and instant pot black beans. For salad options, try lemon kale and strawberry spinach salad. You can also serve garlic green beans, sweet potato fries, vinegar coleslaw, and avocado salsa.

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Cool and crunchy broccoli salad is a healthy, refreshing accompaniment for stuffed peppers. Raisins, sunflower seeds, thawed frozen green peas, and a tangy, sweetened mayonnaise dressing make this broccoli salad a scrumptious side dish to serve with weeknight stuffed peppers . 07 of 13.

What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers?

Paired with tomatoes, almonds, and parmesan cheese, this salad is perfect for your stuffed peppers. Tossed in a mustardy vinaigrette, no one will be able to resist a second serving of this side. You can also serve this side with chili. 15. Marinated Tomato Salad.