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The name 'Tropical Itch' is said to have been inspired by the itch for a tropical vacation that many people experience. The cocktail is often served with a backscratcher as a garnish, adding to its playful and quirky nature. Tiki culture, which emerged in the mid-20th century, is known for its elaborate cocktails, tropical themes, and.

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1-2 in. slice of banana (use one of Maui's famous Strawberry Bananas if you can find them) Fill shaker glass with ice and then add: 1 oz. Frozen Hawaiian Sun Coconut Milk. 1 oz. pineapple juice. 1.5 oz. Old Lahaina Rum (or other golden rum) Cover with top of the Boston shaker, shake vigorously. Pour into a hurricane glass.

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Instructions. Build in order in a highball glass and garnish with 1/4 pineapple wheel, a cherry and a cocktail umbrella connecting the cherry to pineapple. And don't forget the bamboo Back Scratcher.

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Season 3 starts off with a celebration! Legendary bartender Harry Yee is turning 99 on Sept 26. Harry is responsible for creating such classic cocktails as t.

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Time to get some rum and maybe a back scratcher for this cocktail, it's the tropical itch. This is a mango-focused cocktail with a sweet start, mango middle.

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Whether looking to savor a new flavor or cool off after a busy day at the theme parks - you will love this new drink! New to the menu, the Tropical Itch is the perfect blend of bourbon, rum, passionfruit, pineapple, and lemon juice. Adorned with a beautiful flower and a slice of pineapple- this drink is equal parts refreshing, delicious, and fun.

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HOW TO MIX THIS COCKTAILFill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled highball glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with.

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Tropical Itch Cocktail. Mixed Drink Recipe from Cocktail Builder. 1 oz of Vodka. 1 oz of Light Rum. 1/2 oz of Grand Marnier (or orange liqueur) 3 oz of Passion Fruit Juice. Combine in a shaker with a cup of ice. Pour, with ice into a double old fashion or Collins glass. Top with additional passion fruit juice if needed.

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Ingredients: 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice; 1/4 oz. cinnamon-infused simple syrup; 1-12 oz. crushed fresh mango; 1 oz. light rum; 2 drops almond extract; 6 oz. crushed ice

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Squeeze 1/2 lime. Add dash of angostura bitters, 1/2 oz. bourbon, 1/2 oz. dark Jamaican rum and dash of orange curacao. Fill glass with Hawaiian passion fruit juice to neck of glass and mix. Fill with more shaved ice. Float 1-1/4 oz. Lemon Hart 151 proof rum. Garnish with 18" straw wedge of pineapple, cherry and back-scratcher with vanda orchid.

The Tropical Itch Food Pittsburgh Pittsburgh City Paper

Directions. Fill a tall glass with ice, and add vodka, curaçao, bitters, syrup, and juice; stir well. Float dark rum on top, and garnish with a pineapple wedge, lime wedge, paper parasol, and itch stick (back scratcher). Created by Tiki pioneer Harry Yee in 1957 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikīkī, the drink's titular "itch" is.

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Create the perfect Tropical Itch with this step-by-step guide. Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with maraschino berry, mint leaf and orange. Martinique Rum, Absolut Vodka, Mango Juice, Maraschino Berry, Mint Leaf, Orange

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This tropical cooler combines bourbon, two types of rum and Curaçao with summery island flavors of passion fruit, pineapple and citrus. Served tall and garnished with a pineapple leaf, it's the little tropical vacay our tastebuds could all use this time of year. 1 oz. bourbon. 1 oz. Jamaican rum. ½ oz. aged demerara 151 rum.

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The Tropical Itch is a combination of 151 rum, bourbon, passion fruit juice and triple sec, topped with a float of dark rum and a dash of bitters then garnished with a bamboo backscratcher that towers above the glass the cocktail is served in. It's refreshing and has a great presentation.

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Tropical Itch. Another classic Tiki cocktail was created way back in 1957 in Waikiki. You will never feel that it's too strong for a cocktail despite having 4oz of liquor on it because of the dominant taste of the rare passion fruit. So enjoy every sip but think twice before taking another glass.