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Between 1996 and 1999, you could frequently find me lurking inside the now-defunct Westgate Mall in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I perused the popular stores most of us shopped at in the '90s.

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Contextualizing the mall boom of the 1980s and '90s, Kurutz writes, "At least one new shopping mall had been built in the United States every year since the 1950s, and 19 opened in 1990 alone.

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Check out your favorite stores from the '90s stores that are closed today. From Limited Too to Wet Seal, these stores were staples at every mall in the 1990s. Remember before internet shopping was.

Crumbl Cookies to Arrive at Bradlee Shopping Center Alexandria Living

The Disney Store, The WB Store (one of the malls that was close to where I lived used to have both stores right across from each other! 90s kids who lived in southeastern KY and loved all kinds of different cartoon characters sure lucked out lol), The Imaginarium (for nostalgic reasons-loved that one when I was little), KB Toys, Waldenbooks.

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Mehera Bonner. September 19, 2023 · 7 min read. '90s Stores You Loved That Don't Exist Anymoregetty. Remember the olden days, before internet shopping was a thing and you had to buy your JNCO.

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K.B. Toys. ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy. Unfortunately, toy businesses haven't had all that much luck in the 21st century. K.B. Toys was once the place to go for a Barbie Dream House or Super Soaker in the 1990s. But the company was forced to file for bankruptcy and eventually go out of business in 2009.

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7. Dug Contempo Casuals. Ah, the store so famously referenced in Clueless (younger '90s kids might be more familiar with the brand that replaced it, Wet Seal). 8. Bought Candy From the Quarter.

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Mall Stores of the 80s & 90s show list info. Ahh nostalgia. This is a list of stores from shopping malls of the 80's and 90's, the heydays of the traditional mall. 2,166 users · 32,310 views made by ccarter1023. avg. score: 10 of 50 (19%).

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Gabbi Shaw. Four girls shopping at a mall in the 1990s. Don Smetzer/Getty Images. Shopping malls are having a rough time right now — some are calling it a " retail apocalypse ." But it wasn't.

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When Magic: The Gathering hit the scene in 1993, it changed the world of trading cards forever.Finally, there was a trading card game that older kids weren't embarrassed to be seen playing. Today, 20 million Magic players around the world are still collecting and trading their cards. But even if you've given up on the game, you might want to.

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Oh, those glory days of the massive and spectacular indoor suburban shopping mall.How we thought they'd never end! These days, for better or worse, we Americans are more likely to do our shopping online rather than drive to the mall or a department store.. But a curious thing happened in the early 2020s: We realized just how much we'd been taking that glorious mall experience for granted.

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Flickr | MikeKalasnik. 4. Bath And Body Works. No discussion of '90s mall mania is complete without mention of Bath and Body Works, the store responsible for iconic fragrances like Cucumber.

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Thom McAn is now a brand of shoes sold in Kmart and Sears stores, but it was once a retail chain and had hundreds of retail stores by the 1990s. The Melville Corp. bought McAn in 1952. By 1992.

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Alas, though, it wasn't to last; the chain of themed merchandise retailers opened in 1991 and closed just 10 years later in 2001. At least I still have my Marvin Martian telephone hanging around.

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By the 1990s, big-name music groups were showing up at the store to sign their records and play a gig.. In their prime, in 1997, the Hanson brothers performed at Sam Goody's. Malls were.