High Potassium Smoothie Recipe 🍌🍊 YouTube

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Refreshing, simple, low potassium. Smoothies are unfortunately often very heavy in potassium. Let's take for example the Dairy Queen tropical mango smoothie. The 12 oz drink packs an impressive 528 mg potassium (and it doesn't even include bananas - a classic smoothie addition for creaminess). This is hardly kidney-friendly.


Your base - 1 cup of water, milk, non dairy beverage (without phosphorus additives). Fruit - up to ½ of a cup. Choose low potassium fruit if needed. Veggies - add veggies such as kale, spinach, cauliflower, and carrots in a ½ cup serving. Choose low potassium if needed. Vegetables help add fiber to your smoothie.

High Potassium Smoothie Recipe 🍌🍊 YouTube

But too much potassium, a mineral found in many fruits and vegetables, can be harmful to some people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Know your daily potassium limit and choose low-potassium fruits and veggies (like the ones below) for your smoothie or juice. Fruits: apple, berries, grapes, peache, pineapple, plum, watermelon

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High potassium smoothies are a fantastic way to meet the DASH diet requirements of potassium intake. The DASH diet is a way of eating that will lower your blood pressure, as much as medications can. This diet is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is similar to the Mediterranean Diet. Potassium is a nutrient that often gets overlooked.

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1 cup fresh berries. 1/2 cup frozen pineapple. 2/3 cup ice. 1 cup rice milk. 2 scoops Dietician approved protein powder. 2 - 3 tablespoons hemp hearts or chia seeds.

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Frozen Fruit. Milk & Yogurt. Flaxseed. Get the Right Smoothie Making Equipment. Make Your Own Low Oxalate Smoothie! Step 1: Choose Your Liquid. Step 2: Mix It Up with Low Oxalate Fruits. Step 3: Consider Low Oxalate Nuts & Seeds. Step 4: Add Low Oxalate Veggies (optional)

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Sip on a homemade smoothie to up your intake of low-potassium fruit and high quality protein. These easy-to-make smoothies are a quick fix for a nutritious snack or meal substitute when the days get busy. Freeze extra portions for an even faster treat later. Try one today. Blueberry Blast Smoothie; Easy Pineapple Protein Smoothie; Fruity Smoothie

Low Potassium Smoothies Renal Diet HQ

Ingredients. Based on 2 servings per recipe. 1/4 cup cranberry juice cocktail. 2/3 cup silken tofu, firm. 1/2 cup raspberries, frozen, unsweetened. 1/2 cup blueberries, frozen, unsweetened. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. 1/2 teaspoon powdered lemonade, such as Country Time.

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie. A low calorie, low fat tasty treat. If you wish to make this even more healthy add a tsp. of protein powder. CALORIES: 144 | FAT: 0.7 g | PROTEIN: 5.3 g | CARBS: 32.6 g | FIBER: 3.4 g. Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Strawberry Banana Smoothie Calories. Very Good 4.8/5.

Potassium is one of the electrolytes that helps your body replace and

Scale. 1 medium-small banana, preferably frozen. 1 cup packed fresh baby spinach. 1 small avocado, pit and skin removed. 1 large orange, juiced. 1 cup frozen chopped mango (or papaya) 1 cup coconut water. 1 teaspoon honey (optional; leave out for vegan) Cook Mode Prevent your screen from going dark.

Low Potassium Smoothies Renal Diet HQ

Low Potassium Smoothie Recipes. Let's talk about low potassium smoothie recipes. Of course, high potassium fruit should be limited with your current diet. By speaking to your renal dietitian, you may be able to work higher potassium foods into your smoothies. You can also check out a full low potassium diet menu.

Low Potassium Smoothies Renal Diet HQ

Although it is a healthy trend, juicing for kidney patients is a concern for those on a low-potassium diet. The cookbook provides juicing recipes with a focus on low potassium produce. Plus, portions are reasonable for a fluid-restricted plan. Check out suggestions for high quality protein sources to add to smoothies and shakes.

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This smoothie is easy to make, it only contains strawberries, pineapples, and some water. Pineapple is a sweet tropical fruit that's relatively low in potassium, making it a good choice for the kidney diet. The fiber and vitamin C content may benefit your heart health and immune system. Pineapples also contain bromelain.

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Choose a base - water, milk, non-dairy beverage (without phosphorus additives) are the preferred choices. Aim for 1 cup. Include up to 1/2 cup fruit - this helps to limit to one serving and keep the carbohydrate amounts in check. Choose low potassium if needed. Add your veggies - like kale, spinach, cauliflower, carrots.

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US Customary | Metric. 1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk - or water. 6 ounces silken tofu. 2 handfuls baby spinach - or kale. 1 heaping cup frozen blueberries. ½ cup frozen raspberries. half of a frozen banana, optional - omit for a less sweet, more tart smoothie. 1 small carrot, peeled and chopped. squeeze of fresh lemon juice, optional.

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Potassium is a mineral needed in small amounts for cell, nerve, and muscle function. Under normal circumstances, your body will automatically control potassium levels in your blood. Low potassium, also known as hypokalemia, can have many causes that result in mild to severe symptoms.