Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

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With a little help from our cotton-tailed friend, we mold eggs with pure milk or dark chocolate and then fill with 8 assorted chocolates including: milk chocolate caramel, milk chocolate butter cream, milk chocolate raspberry cream, 2 milk chocolate caramel bunnies, milk chocolate caramel marshmallow, and 2 foiled solid milk chocolate eggs.

No One Will Believe You DIY’d These Fancy Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs

1. In a small microwave-safe bowl, carefully melt the chocolate candy melts in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then in increments of 15 seconds, stirring between each cycle. Stop when most of the candy is melted and let the bowl sit for a couple of minutes; the heat of the bowl will continue to melt the candy.

Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

Using a whisk, gently fold in the cool whip or whipped cream until combined. Fill the pastry bag with the cheesecake mixture and using a large tip, pipe some of the fillings into each egg, just below the top. Leave a small depression for the yolk, or scoop out a hole using a back of a small spoon.

Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

Each of these hollow chocolate eggs can be filled with your favorite Easter candy like jelly beans, M&M's, or malted milk eggs and can be decorated with festive Easter sprinkles. They are fun to make and will be great additions to your Easter baskets. Breakable candies have become a trendy treat and these eggs are perfect to make for Easter.

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Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg By Elizabeth LaBau Updated on 07/22/21 (70) Write a Review The Spruce / Cara Cormack Prep: 60 mins Cook: 15 mins Total: 75 mins Serving: 1 serving Yield: 1 egg 70 ratings Add a comment Save Recipe Fill these beautiful, edible hollow chocolate eggs with candies, toys, love notes, or anything else you can think of!

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Once the chocolate is properly tempered, it is time to mold and shape the hollow chocolate egg. Carefully pour the tempered chocolate into the egg mold, ensuring that it is evenly distributed and covers the entire surface. Use a pastry brush to coat the mold with a thick layer of chocolate, then allow it to set briefly before adding another layer.

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How to Make Hollow Chocolate Eggs + Video How to make hollow chocolate eggs using two silicone mold designs, filled with messages of hope, sealed and decorated for a beautiful 3-D finish. With Easter just around the corner, I thought it was high time I shared some of my egglicious treats from my IG feed.

Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

Remove the chocolate from the mold and place one of the pieces in the pan to flatten out the edge. Place it back in the mold and add some smaller candies, toys, or other Easter goodies. Place the other piece in the pan and melt the edge.

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No One Will Believe You DIY’d These Fancy Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs

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Here's a fun Easter surprise: Make your own hollow chocolate eggs and fill them with surprise treats. The egg-shaped silicone molds will do most of the work for you, making them look pretty and polished. Ingredients 2 ounces yellow, blue, or pink candy melts (or combination), such as Wilton 1 to 2 teaspoons vegetable shortening, or as needed

Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

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Hollow Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

Really, there are so many different kinds of chocolate Easter eggs to pick from: small or large, solid or hollow, foiled or plain, milk or dark, toy-filled or completely edible, the list.

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How to Make Chocolate Eggs First, gather your ingredients and supplies. You'll need the following to make your hollow chocolate Easter eggs: 1 lb good quality dark or milk chocolate Egg molds Double boiler or microwave Candy thermometer Pastry brush and spatula Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.Allrecipes Step 1: Melt the chocolate