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In August 2023, Gordon rolled out his own frozen meal line dubbed the By Chef Ramsay collection. Exclusively sold at Walmart, the line includes dishes like bolognese-filled lasagna with four cheeses (ricotta, Parmesan, Romano, and mozzarella), a four-cheese macaroni bake, mushroom risotto, chicken pot pie, fish and chips, lemon caper chicken, slow roasted beef, and Shepherd's pie.

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As of August 2023, Chef Ramsay has ventured into the freezer aisle with an exciting launch of frozen foods, sold exclusively in Walmart stores. The new line, called By Chef Ramsay, offers a variety of appetizers and entrees ideal for quick dinners, convenient snacking, or easy entertaining. There are currently thirteen By Chef Ramsay products.

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Kym Illman / Getty Images. Late last week, Gordon Ramsay announced his first-ever line of frozen foods. The By Chef Ramsay collection, which will be sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide.

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This new line of frozen meals called By Chef Ramsay just dropped in Walmarts, along with Guy Fieri, Kardea Brown, and Andrew Zimmern. They're supposedly eight of Ramsey's favorite meals.I bought the four available at my nearest Walmart - each cost $5.90. And after eating four of the meals, I refuse to spend another $24 to taste them all.

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Traditional shepherd's pie in the UK is made with lamb, but this one has ground beef so it's technically a cottage pie. It comes with the classic peas and carrots, and is topped with cheesy.

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Choose from Wellington Bites, Lemon Caper Chicken, Shepherd's Pie, and more. When you think of Gordon Ramsay, the award-winning celebrity chef, you probably envision Michelin-starred restaurants.

Spinach and feta filo rolls Chef Gordon Ramsey, Gordon Ramsey Recipes

The eight entrées Ramsay has crafted for the line retail for around $6 and range from rich and hearty to bold and piquant, with a nod toward dishes that will withstand the oft-treacherous journey.

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Each By Chef Ramsay meal sells for around $6 ($5.94 to be exact). That price seems a bit steep, especially when compared to universal frozen dinner brands like Marie Callender's or Stouffer's.

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By Chef Ramsay Pub Cheese Bites, Frozen Snack and Appetizer, 10oz, offers a delightful British twist on the classic American favorite. These delectable morsels feature rich and creamy white cheddar, perfectly encased in a seasoned beer batter, providing a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

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Gordon Ramsay Frozen Individual Meals in Frozen Meals (8) Price when purchased online. Gordon Ramsay Red Wine Braised Beef, Frozen Meals, 9.5oz. $594. 62.5 ¢/oz. Gordon Ramsay Red Wine Braised Beef, Frozen Meals, 9.5oz. EBT eligible. Pickup tomorrow. Gordon Ramsay Beef Shephard's Pie, Frozen Meals, 9.5oz.

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Any potential critique of Walmart's Chef Ramsay frozen dinners is contingent on one's general expectations for the product. If you expect the TV dinner-like frozen meals to morph into a dish akin to one personally prepared by the man himself, you're set for a bigger letdown than Jess (Zooey Deschanel) was after Ramsay destroyed a plate of scallops while calling her a liar during a "New Girl.

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Gordon Ramsay, the famed chef and restaurateur who trained at the soon-to-be-shuttered Michelin darling Le Gavroche, is branching out — or some might say, selling out — with a lineup of frozen meals called "By Chef Ramsay." The eight different ready-made plates are now available exclusively at Walmart. The beef dishes include roast beef and.

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In this video, we're trying ALL of Gordon Ramsay's frozen appetizers from Walmart and giving our honest food review. From pizza bites to beef wellington bite.

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The series originally ran from 2007 to 2014 and followed Ramsay as he helped save struggling restaurants. The Kitchen Nightmares reboot premieres Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. For more People news.

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Chef Gordon Ramsay unveils A new line of frozen entrees. With his personal touch and culinary expertise, you can now savor a variety of 5-star dishes in the comfort of your own home…. no reservations needed!

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September 05, 2023 12:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time. LOS ANGELES-- ( BUSINESS WIRE )--Internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef, Gordon Ramsay, today announced the launch of his first.