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Before we dive into the borg names, let's talk about the dangers of borgs. The borg trend is a step up from previous college binge drinking trends because at least students have complete control over what goes into their drinks, it prevents others from sneaking things into your drink when you're not looking, and it's definitely a more sanitary alternative to the "jungle juice bin."

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Introducing, The Borg — aka, the "blackout rage gallon.". ICYMI, a Borg is a popular party drink amongst 21+ college folks that involves mixing liquor, drink flavoring, and energy drinks into a gallon jug of water. The purpose of the Borg is to keep you hydrated while you consume alcohol — avoiding hangovers, headaches, and all of the.

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The Process of Creating Borg Names. Creating unique Borg names is an art that requires a mix of research, inspiration, and creativity. The first step in the process is to immerse yourself in all things Borg. Dive into the Star Trek universe and study the characteristics, traits, and history of the Borg collective.

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Before we start tossing around names, let's take a moment to understand what exactly is the meaning of Borg drink. The drink stands for "Blackout Rage gallons" and its purpose is exactly the same as its name.To do it you take a plastic gallon jug and fill it with some liquids (generally liquor) to get blacked out.

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Nothing says spring like drinking alcohol from a jug in your friend's basement. That's where the infamous Borg comes in - and don't forget that it's essential to come up with a funny Borg name, too. Otherwise known as Black Out Rage Gallon, the Borg is a gallon jug half filled with water and half filled with vodka, flavored by Crystal Light or MiO with the addition of two hydration packs.

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Borg is the only acceptable thing to call it. The name in my house has evolved from borg to blorg bc thats what it sounds like coming back up. Other acceptable names are "that nasty shit" or alternatively "that nasty purple shit". B.lack O.ut R.eady G.o Borg Jug The gallon hammer Borgeioise The Taaka tank.

75 Iconic Name Ideas That You'll Want To Copy

Borgs are such a fun way to go to parties in college! To make yourself a borg, all you need is a gallon jug of water, sharpies, and some *special* drinks. Once you decide what you want to put in your borg, you can dump out some of the water and fill up the jug. Then, the fun part is getting to name your borg something funny.

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Here's how you can infuse a bit of Hollywood, a dash of Billboard, and a sprinkle of Netflix into your Borg. Harry Por-Borg. James Borgan. The Great Gats-Borg. Borgy Potter and the Goblet of Firewater. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Borg. The Borgfather. Pirates of the Carib-Borg: The Curse of the Blacked-Out.

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The absolute best borg names any college student will love!. Woke up in a new borgatti. 32. Oh no step borg. 33. Dinkleborg. 34. Brother borg. 35. Avengers infinity borg. 36. Go borgs. 37. Legally borg. 38. I think therefore I borg. 39. Breaking borg. 40. Borger patrol. 41. Borgs R Us.

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Welcome to new borg. 1989 fans, listen up! everborg. @tnavarre16. happy st paddys from the t swift borg #borg #taylorswift ♬ UPDATED album ranking - guy (taylor's version). Had to finish off with my favorite Borg name. college ; Experiences ; life ; Good stuff only! We wanna slide into your DMs… (but via email) The newsletter you won.

75 Iconic Name Ideas That You'll Want To Copy

These Borg Names Are Actually Hilarious. If there's one thing you can say about Gen Z, it's that they're extremely creative — even when it comes to partying. In the current college party world, classic traditions like toga parties have been replaced by themes such as ABC parties, Powerpoint nights, and the viral rhyme without reason theme.

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James Borg. Regina Borg. Sarah Borg. Alex Borg. Emily Borg. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram, these names have gained notoriety and become quite a sensation. To create your own creative and funny Borg name, think of characters from movies, TV shows, and celebrities you admire, and then mash up their names with the word "Borg".

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29. Stage Borg Cancer 30. Borg Meets World 31. Borg of the Flies 32. Sharkborg and Lavagirl 33. Waterborging Borgz 34. in the Hood Here comes the Borg 35. What color is your Borgatti 36. Eastern Borgthodox 37. Borgtox Injections 38. The Big Borg Theory Borg F150 Mikhail Borgachev 39. Borg Washington 40. Why do good girls like borg guys 41.

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10. "Material Borg" At the bottom of the list is "material borg," an obvious play on "material girl." It's funny, but a bit overdone. I'll admit—the first time I saw the sharpied words, I let out a little chuckle. But by the end of the day, I had seen ten different renditions of "material borg."

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This St. Patty's Day, consider swapping out those typical, hilarious Borg names for a specialized Saint Patrick's Day-inspired Borg. (Bonus point if you find a way to make it green.) (Bonus.