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Popeyes Will Give Away Free Wings If The Ravens, Eagles, Or Bills Win The Super Bowl. We'll be watching! By Danielle Harling Published: Jan 11, 2024 4:48 PM EST. Save Article.

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Fast food chain Popeyes is launching the 'Wings for Wings' promotion to give out free chicken wings on Tuesday, Feb. 13, if an NFL team that has wings in its name, logo or mascot wins the Super Bowl.

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On Pro Bowl Sunday, February 4, you can receive a free 12-piece order of wings when you spend $15 or more with Popeyes on DoorDash. To redeem the offer, you'll need to use code WINGIT. To receive.

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Popeyes is putting the Philadelphia Eagles under even more pressure to start pulling some W's - The fried chicken chain is offering free chicken wings if an NFL team with "wings" wins Super Bowl. The offers only applies on February 13, two days after Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11 2024. If a "wings" team wins, you can score FREE 6.

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MIAMI, January 10, 2024--Popeyes® is launching the most jaw-dropping promotion in its history with playoff matchups upon us - "Wings for Wings" - offering free 6pc Wings with any online or in.

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This means if a team from Baltimore, Philadelphia or even Buffalo wins, then fans get a free 6-piece order of Wings. The Wings digital offer will be redeemable on Fat Tuesday, February 13, 2024, as a nod to the brand's New Orleans heritage.. The promotion is designed to celebrate the permanent launch of Wings at Popeyes with five fan-favorite flavors: Ghost Pepper, Sweet 'N Spicy, Honey.

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Why? Because Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen will give away free wings if an NFL team with a winged mascot wins Super Bowl 58. As a bonus, the fast-food chain is also tossing the Buffalo Bills into the.

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Wings! If one of these three teams wins Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11, Popeyes pledges to give out free wings. The promotion is created to celebrate the launch of five popular wing flavors — ghost.

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Last week, Popeyes announced its "Wings for Wings" promotion promising a free six-piece order of its chicken wings if a "winged" NFL team or the Buffalo Bills wins the Super Bowl LVIII. Rewards members can order on the Popeyes app or website. The offer will go into effect on February 13 at participating U.S. and Canada locations.


Popeyes Wings are available with prices starting at $5.99 for a 6-piece. Price and participation vary. For more information, please visit Popeyes.com and popeyeschicken.ca

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Popeyes just announced that it will give out 12 free wings to customers during the Super Bowl LVIII weekend. The freebie will be available to any customer who spends $15 or more at Popeyes through DoorDash from Feb. 9 through Feb. 11. DashPass members can also upgrade that offer to a free 12-piece combo when they spend $15 or more.

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The Popeyes Super Bowl Sunday free wing deal is available exclusively with DoorDash. according to QSR. With any order of $15 or more from Popeyes on DoorDash, you can get a free 12-piece Popeyes Wings in any of the five signature flavors: Ghost Pepper, Sweet 'N Spicy, Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, and Signature Hot.

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for Wings! Fat Tuesday 2/13, if Baltimore gets the big win. *If the professional football team from Baltimore wins the professional football championship game to be played in Paradise, Nevada commencing at approximately 6:30pm on February 11, 2024, then on February 13, 2024 only**, Popeyes Rewards members get a free 6pc Wings with any purchase.

Popeyes Is Coating Its Chicken in 24K Gold and Champagne Today Eater

MIAMI - January 10, 2024 - Popeyes® is launching the most jaw-dropping promotion in its history with playoff matchups upon us - "Wings for Wings" - offering free 6pc Wings with any online or in app purchase* at participating restaurants in USA and Canada if a football team that has wings in its name, logo, or on its mascot wins the big game in February.

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If either Baltimore or Buffalo (which Popeyes included because of the city's connection to, well, wings) do end up winning the Super Bowl, wing lovers will be able to collect one free six-piece.

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It's all thanks to Popeyes — the fast food chicken wing chain announced in January 2024 that they'll give out free wings on Tuesday, February 13, if a winged team wins the big game on Saturday.